Current Culinary Concoction

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Unlocked with


0: Inspiration for another recipe
1: Sharply Flavoured Pickle, As Yet Unpoisoned
3?: Pickle Canapés with Rat Mince
5: Jet-Black Pickle Relish Dosed with Hillchanger Scorpion Venom
7: Envenomed Pickles Suspended in Venison Aspic, Dosed with Mr Spices' Private Drug
20: An Enticing Fungal Pâté
23: A Platter of Mixed Charcuterie
25: A Tower of Fungal Pâté Flambé
50: Vibrantly Peppery Fish Broth
53: Caducean Zzoup, with Gunpowder and Sickly Rose
55: Shark Bouillabaisse with Croutons
57: Culinary Tribute to the Sea of Spines
100: Dark-Dewed Cherry Liqueur
103: Sparkling Solacefruit Royale
105: Solacefruit Champagne Sorbet
200: Self-Reflective Tapenade of Parabolan Orange-Apple
203: Sour Pickle of Parabolan Orange-Apple and Vinegar
206: Orange-Apple Jam spiked with Muscaria Brandy
209: Marmalade of Parabolan Orange-Apple, Honey, and Roseate Attar
300: Curatorial Cocktail
400: Parabolan Taper-nut Cake