A Kitchen for Artists (Guide)

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A Kitchen for Artists Summary
Limited-Length Conversion Activity
Setup Progress End
1 A 0+ A 1 A


Cook with ingredients to make your Current Culinary Concoction.
Items Inputs/Outputs
Raw EPA 2.75 Raw SPA 5.5
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A guide on making and selling meals at A Kitchen for Artists in Station VIII


Station VIII Recipes.png

Before you Start[edit]

The first step is naturally reaching and building Station VIII. Once there, you will have the option of building a canteen as part of The Business of Manufacture storyline. After you have built the canteen, the A Kitchen for Artists storylet becomes available. The canteen can be upgraded twice at the Offices of the Tracklayer's Union: Station VIII Branch to unlock more bases for advanced cookery. Note that you need to make 5 meals before the second upgrade.



Creating a meal is a simple affair. Except where noted, each action while creating your dish will add 250 Culinary Ingredient Value on top of the value ingredients themselves:

  1. Create the base for the dish. This is the main option that depends on the upgrade level of your kitchen ( Passenger Dining Room at Station VIII), and sets the meal's initial value and Current Culinary Concoction, determining some end-uses for the dish.
  2. Optionally Enhance the dish with additional ingredients. At the time of writing, only Fish Based dishes can be enhanced with Enhance your Fish Broth with chunks of Deep-zee Catch.
  3. Develop the dish further, which adds value to the meal, and sets Current Culinary Concoction to a new value.
  4. Develop the dish even further, adding a great deal of value. At the time of writing, there is only one option in this category, Prepare a Curatorial Cocktail.

A dish is ready to serve at any level, making enhancing and developing the dish optional. There are two main reasons to develop your dish further; first to add Culinary Ingredient Value, which affects the reward you receive for serving or selling a dish, and secondly to attain a specific Current Culinary Concoction, which can unlock particular meal sales.

Detailed Creation[edit]


The bases you can create are limited by your Passenger Dining Room at Station VIII level.

Bases List
Storylet Value Challenge Cost
Passenger Dining Room at Station VIII 1
Brew a Spicy Fish Broth 850 Kataleptic Toxicology 1
Dangerous 150
5 x Hand-picked Peppercaps
2 x Withered Tentacle
5 x Fin Bones, Collected
Passenger Dining Room at Station VIII 2
Steep a Dark-Dewed Cherry Liqueur 710 A Scholar of the Correspondence 10
Kataleptic Toxicology 3
3 x Dark-Dewed Cherry
1 x Bottle of Broken Giant 1844
Passenger Dining Room at Station VIII 3
Prepare a Sharply-Flavoured Pickle 750 Shadowy 150
Kataleptic Toxicology 1
5 x Hand-picked Peppercaps
5 x Magisterial Lager
Compose an enticing Fungal Pâté 900 Persuasive 150
Kataleptic Toxicology 1
5 x Hand-picked Peppercaps[1]
2 x Pot of Venison Marrow
1 x Preserved Surface Blooms
Concoct a Tapenade of Parabolan Orange-Apple and Concentrate of Self 2750 Watchful 150
Kataleptic Toxicology 5
1 x Concentrate of Self[2]
2 x Parabolan Orange-apple
Prepare a Hearty Taper-nut Cake 750 Watchful 150
Kataleptic Toxicology 5
1 x Concentrate of Self[2]
1 x Beatrice's Taper-nut
  1. Materials valued at 6 E , providing 3.00 E for the action.
  2. 2.0 2.1 This is not consumed.
Development Table
Storylet Added Value Challenge Cost Level
Spicy Fish Broth
Enhance your Fish Broth with chunks of Deep-zee Catch[1] 500 Dangerous 150
Monstrous Anatomy 1
5 x Deep-zee Catch 1
Turn this dish into a Shark Bouillabaisse with Croutons 1750 Dangerous 175
Kataleptic Toxicology 3
1 x Remains of a Pinewood Shark
1 x Crate of Incorruptible Biscuits
Enhance into a Caducean Zzoup of Reactionary Tendencies 1750 Dangerous 175
Kataleptic Toxicology 3
5 x Perfumed Gunpowder
1 x Tin of Zzoup
Assemble a Culinary Tribute to the Sea of Spines 1900 Kataleptic Toxicology 5
Glasswork 2
2 x Memory of Distant Shores[2]
1 x Amber-Crusted Fin
6 x Withered Tentacle
Dark-Dewed Cherry Liqueur
Prepare a Solacefruit Champagne Royale 2250 Persuasive 150
Kataleptic Toxicology 3
1 x Fillip of Effervescence
1 x Crystallised Euphoria
5 x Solacefruit
Sharply-Flavoured Pickle
Develop into an Envenomed Pickle of Vinegar, Vengeance, and Hillchanger Scorpion 500 Monstrous Anatomy 3
Kataleptic Toxicology 3
3 x Jet Black Stinger
100 x Rat on a String
Suspend the pickle in a Venison Aspic – spiked with Mr Spices' new drug 350 Kataleptic Toxicology 7 3 x Pot of Venison Marrow[3]
10 x Femur of a Surface Deer
Fungal Pâté
Prepare a Platter of Mixed Charcuterie 7750 Persuasive 150
Kataleptic Toxicology 1
1 x Sausage About Which No One Complains
1 x Tinned Ham
Drown it in absinthe. Prepare it for ignition. 600 Kataleptic Toxicology 5 6 x Hand-picked Peppercaps
1 x Bottle of Strangling Willow Absinthe
Tapenade of Parabolan Orange-Apple
Sweeten into a Marmalade of Parabolan Orange-Apple, Honey, and Roseate Attar 500 Persuasive 150
Kataleptic Toxicology 5
100 x Drop of Prisoner's Honey[4] 4
Sour into a Pickle of Parabolan Orange-apple with Jasmine Notes 500 Watchful 150
Kataleptic Toxicology 5
15 x Jasmine Leaves
2 x Magisterial Lager
Develop into an Orange-Apple Jam spiked with Muscaria Brandy 500 Dangerous 150
Kataleptic Toxicology 5
1 x Muscaria Brandy 3
  1. Does not set Current Culinary Concoction
  2. Materials valued at 19.00 E , providing no value for the action
  3. Materials valued at 2.50E , meaning the action is only worth 1.00E .
  4. Materials valued at 2.00E providing 3.00E for the action.
Further Development
Storylet Added Value Challenge Cost Level
Sparkling Solacefruit Royale
Prepare a Curatorial Cocktail[1] 36500 Kataleptic Toxicology 7 1 x Concentrate of Self
100 x Memory of Distant Shores
Freeze the Solacefruit Champagne Royale into a sorbet 2500 Persuasive 175
Kataleptic Toxicology 5
1 x Memory of Discordance
1 x Sudden Insight
Moonlit 3
Quick Reference Sheet[edit]



There are several ways to use meals created in your kitchen:

Non-Specific Options[edit]

These options aren't limited to a single meal, and have scaling rewards dependent on Culinary Ingredient Value

The Classic[edit]

One option is always available regardless of what kind of meal you have made, and involves serving your masterpiece to the train passengers passing through Station VIII.

Menace Reduction[edit]

This option can reduce your menaces based on Culinary Ingredient Value. The menace reduced is determined by the Current Culinary Concoction value of your meal, while the Culinary Ingredient Value determines the amount reduced.

Both reduce the appropriate menace by 4 CP + 1 CP per 125 Culinary Ingredient Value

So far, cooks have yet to invent a meal that can improve your standing in the eyes of others.

Exceptional Rose Companions[edit]

If you possess Canny Costermonger or Dr Schlomo companions from the Feast of the Exceptional Rose event, they each have an option for disposing of your dish, and giving you items in return.

The Worker's Meal[edit]

If you find your Tracklayers' Displeasure getting too high for comfort, and figure giving your workers a jolly good snack will calm them down, this option is for you.

Specific Options[edit]

These options require an exact Current Culinary Concoction value, meaning a specific meal.

Specific Meal Options
Storylet Required Meal Rewards
Serve up a Culinary Tribute to the Sea of Spines (Helicon House) Culinary Tribute to the Sea of Spines 3 x Fitting in at Helicon House
56 x Hinterland Scrip
+4 CP Inspired...
Offer champagne for its Revels (Mr Wines) Sparkling Solacefruit Royale 326 x Bottle of Morelways 1872
5 x Hinterland Scrip
Bid it to try the sorbet (Mr Wines) Solacefruit Champagne Sorbet 66 x Bottle of Strangling Willow Absinthe
328 x Bottle of Morelways 1872
5 x Hinterland Scrip
Ply it with aspic dosed with its own drug (Mr Spices) Envenomed Pickles Suspended in Venison Aspic, Dosed with Mr Spices' Private Drug 5 x Extraordinary Implication
5 x Scrap of Incendiary Gossip
Present it with the Curatorial Cocktail (Mr Wines) Curatorial Cocktail +3 CP Connected: The Masters of the Bazaar
1 x Bottle of Fourth City Airag: Year of the Tortoise
Present Mr Fires with Flambéd Peppercap Pâté (Mr Fires) A Tower of Fungal Pâté Flambé 1 x Bazaar Permit
5 x Hinterland Scrip

Transforming Yourself[edit]

Certain dishes, can cause significant changes to yourself, and importantly, your quirks (if they are between 5 and 12.) Parabolan Orange-apple based meals will also give you 1 x Mirror-Fed.

In addition, the highly expensive Curatorial Cocktail can result in...

Rewards Table[edit]

This table lists the rewards from the various options for selling your meal

Meal Sales
Storylet Rewards Division Factors Restrictions / Additional Rewards
Serve up the (dish) Hinterland Scrip 50 + ( Train Luxuries) x Hinterland Scrip
Trade (your dish) to the Canny Costermonger Solacefruit
Dark-Dewed Cherry
Supply Dr Schlomo with (your dish) An Identity Uncovered! 250 Orange-Apple Based
5 x Hinterland Scrip
Dose yourself with (your dish) Wounds Reduction 125 Fish Based
-4 CP Wounds
Dose yourself with (your dish) Nightmares Reduction 125 Cherry Based
-4 CP Nightmares
Lay an astonishing feast for the Tracklayers Tracklayers' Displeasure Reduction 100 Fungus Based

Scrip Reference[edit]

This table lists the resulting Hinterland Scrip from serving each meal with Serve up the (dish). Train Luxuries is assumed to be 0, but has an easy to calculate effect on the result. Fish Broth based meals can be given additional value with Enhance your Fish Broth with chunks of Deep-zee Catch, so you can get higher scrip using that option.

Meal Sales
Meal Name Value Scrip
Sharply Flavoured Pickle, As Yet Unpoisoned 750 15
Jet-Black Pickle Relish Dosed with Hillchanger Scorpion Venom 1250 25
Envenomed Pickles Suspended in Venison Aspic, Dosed with Mr Spices' Private Drug 1100 22
An Enticing Fungal Pâté 900 18
A Platter of Mixed Charcuterie 8650 173
A Tower of Fungal Pâté Flambé 1500 30
Vibrantly Peppery Fish Broth 850[1] 17+
Caducean Zzoup, with Gunpowder and Sickly Rose 2600[1] 52+
Shark Bouillabaisse with Croutons 2600[1] 52+
Culinary Tribute to the Sea of Spines 2750[1] 55+
Dark-Dewed Cherry Liqueur 710 14
Sparkling Solacefruit Royale 2960 59
Self-Reflective Tapenade of Parabolan Orange-Apple 2750 55
Sour Pickle of Parabolan Orange-Apple and Vinegar 3250 65
Orange-Apple Jam spiked with Muscaria Brandy 3250 65
Marmalade of Parabolan Orange-Apple, Honey, and Roseate Attar 3250 65
Curatorial Cocktail 39460 789
Solacefruit Champagne Sorbet 5460 109
Parabolan Taper-nut Cake 750 15
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 1.3 Ingredient Value can be increased without bound via Enhance your Fish Broth with chunks of Deep-zee Catch.


The maximum added value that a recipe can provide is 5.5 SPA assuming that your Train Luxuries is level 6. This is done through preparing a first level recipe, getting the ingredient value + 250, and then selling the the customers at Culinary Ingredient Value /50 + 6 (Train Luxuries). As many of these items can be sold for scrip directly, it is probably not a valuable use of actions for scrip grinding.

A special case exists where if you already have a Concentrate of Self, be it from parabolan warfare or your hellworm, this is the only way to cash it out. This takes a total of 39 actions to assemble the rest of the ingredients and cash out, which works out to 20.49 SPA, discounting the CoS itself, and discounting travel costs. It is not however, worth it to farm them through parabolan warfare, as you will get a better SPA through Parabolan Parables and the Rat Market.