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From: The Rewards of Ambition

You bargained with the Masters of the Bazaar for an extension of your allotted time. Now you may spend it as you please.

Game Instructions: This will grant a mix of rewards and reduce your Wounds.

Unlocked with A Leasehold on All of London


The privilege of the fallen hourglass

A small glass of peach brandy, delicious as eternity[…]

And even perpetual youth is of little value compared to the true prize: London. […]You are secure in the knowledge that all will still be here […] London is not going anywhere – and nor are you.


Description summary:
The last paragraph varies based on The Airs of London.[1]

[Find the rest of the story at https://www.fallenlondon.com]

Wiki note: Numbers unaccounted for: 20, 36 – 39, 79, 98 – 99

AirsLast Paragraph
1 - 19Bats circle the spires of old churches, churches that are slated for renovations. Clergy draft calendars that run into the decades, centuries. Old projects put off spring reanimated to life all across the city.
21 - 35Friends comment on your new skincare routine with astonishment. They struggle to keep up with your energy, your drive, your ambition. Do you know something they don't?
40 - 59A party in your honour. Are you a little older now? A little wiser? There are more wrinkles on the faces of the guests. People leave a little earlier for longer rests. There will be other parties.
60 - 78Increased agitation is reported among the Masters. Tempers flare in public; disputes spill into the streets. Nothing that can't be remedied by the swift cudgel of the Ministry – but – but – the facade has slipped an inch or a little more.
80 - 97The city grows. New businesses arrive, some from the Surface. New art movements spring up, neither Celestial nor Bazaarine. Mushroom parks and fields of Hellish marigolds planted in public land. Anniversaries are commemorated and celebrated […]
100The bells sound all across London. Another hour passed – of how many? Enough. And what will you do with them? That is for you to determine, and only you.
  1. Note: the text is based on the new Airs value, after it is randomized.