Enter the Clay Quarters 2

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From: The Entrance to the Clay Quarters

Where do the Clay Men go when they aren't working? Is it true they've dug a city for themselves under Ladybones Road?

Game Instructions: Open the way to the Clay Quarters.

Unlocked with 50 x Moon-Pearl, 50 x Whispered Hint, A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets 3

Locked with A Finder of Heiresses, A Visitor to the Clay Quarters


Digging deeper

[…] As he keeps a nervous watch (how singular, to see a Clay Man fidget) you heave open the doors to the beer cellar. A tunnel in the middle of the floor burrows deep under the city, its loamy walls crawling with softly luminous beetles…

Description summary:
You have bought your way into the Quarters.

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