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The wiki does not always mirror Fallen London's internal structure. Identical-looking options in different storylets and cards are technically separate entities but are usually treated as one here. Even non-identical in-game structures are sometimes merged, while singular entities can be split into multiple pages to mimic the way they appear to players.

Merged Pages[edit]

If the differences between multiple pages are deemed insubstantial enough, they are often considered for merging. Identical titles and images are usually prerequisites for such treatment. Some examples are listed below.

Such pages can be signified by the use of Template:Splitmerge.

Split Pages[edit]

This course of action is less common, generally pursued only when a large part of a single page's contents vary. Splitting linearly-progressed storylets with variable descriptions and options used to be common practice, but is generally not done anymore.

  • Zee dreams technically have just one card per dream type but are thought to be more clear as separate pages due to the changing titles, descriptions and available options.
  • Most of Arbor is composed of two storylets internally, but the highly varying descriptions and options are considered better suited to being separate.
  • Inquire after additional 'reports' has 8 variations due to the weekly changes in the requirements, effects and description.

In these cases, requesting a wiki page by its internal Game ID (for example via FL 1-click Wiki) will return multiple results.