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In Fallen London the Player's current location is displayed on the right sidebar, above the travel button (on PC). (It's *username*! Welcome to *location*, delicious friend!). These locations are documented on the wiki as Places.

Under the hood however, the world is also split into Settings. They are larger environments for Places, governing more general rules over the locations they are set to, such as:

  • outfit lock (although Places can override this)
  • map access
  • inventory usage
  • draw limit
  • market availability

The main Setting of Fallen London is The Fifth City, containing most of the location in London (such as Veilgarden and Moloch Street). [While on a technical level it's not true that Places are inside Settings, its more logical to think of them this way.] There can also be Settings which are only set to one Place, and there are Places which appear in multiple Settings.

All storylets (and thus cards) are set to a particular Setting but Places can also have their own storylets and cards. This way most London locations can share their deck and hand, but the individual Places can have their unique cards as well, for example.

Settings are used by the game logic and are not presented directly to the Player (unlike Places). They can be found by viewing the network activity (using the browser's developer tools for example). The current setting is displayed under the myself request. Setting changes can also be intercepted from chosenbranch, in which case the presence of a map request usually signifies a change.

You can also see Category:Settings for a list of all pages tagged as a Setting.

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