Feed Furnace's Prehistoricist face a Culinary Tribute to the Sea of Spines

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From: Furnace Recuperating

Perhaps she will be healed by the knowledge of others in the hierarchy.

Game Instructions: If successful, this will improve Furnace's health substantially. You will only need to do a couple of interventions like this one.

Unlocked with Current Culinary Concoction exactly 57 (Assemble a Culinary Tribute to the Sea of Spines), Discovered: the Sea of Spines, Furnace Ancona's Wounds 4-5


Deep as an ancient Zee


"Hey," says her Liberationist face. "You might give us some of that!"

"[…] you wouldn't appreciate the philosophical nuances. This […] smells like an ancestor's memory. Its warmth is the warmth of being in your proper place, and its aftertaste is peace."


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