Final Preparations (Chapel of Lights storylet)

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From: The Chapel of Lights

You will go NORTH.

Unlocked with 1 x St Gawain's Candle, 1 x St Fortigan's Candle, 1 x St Erzulie's Candle, 1 x St Destin's Candle, 1 x St Cerise's Candle, 1 x St Beau's Candle, 1 x St Arthur's Candle, Seeking Mr Eaten's Name 77


Will you go NORTH?

(To sea: one last time.)

Success Instructions: If you are reading this, you are ready to complete the search for Mr Eaten's Name. Doing so will irrevocably and forever place your character beyond use. This is not a joke, or a trick, and there are no rewards beyond the completion itself. Consider carefully why you have come this far. Consider what it is you are seeking. Discuss it with your friends and enemies. Be ready.