Giving Lessons at Mahogany Hall

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From: Speak to the Bohemian Sculptress

"I've heard that there's good money to be made if you have manners and deportment. I'm far too busy, but if you know the way to Mahogany Hall, you might go and look."

Game Instructions: This will take you to Mahogany Hall. If you don't know the route, you can open it up here at your Lodgings with the 'Open a way to other parts of the City' storylet.

Unlocked with Persuasive 90-130, Route: Mahogany Hall

Locked with Pygmalion


Have a weasel

"Naturally, you'll need a supply of weasels at to Mahogany Hall. Please take a few of mine. They won't sit still anyway, so they're little use to me."