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From: Noman's End

Whatever happens next, you don't want to see it.



There is a bench […] you wait there for everything to be over. Ground-fog blurs the rank grey grass of the Neath. […] Beetles swarm a waist-high knot of fleshy fungus beside you. Out over the Unterzee, distant lightning crackles. You hear nothing.

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  • Sidebarnightmaressmall.png Nightmares is dropping… (-2 CP)
  • Jigsawsmall.png Your 'Noman Knows' Quality has gone!
  • Quirksubtlesmall.png Subtle is increasing… (+1-5 CP, up to level 15) (don't know exactly but definitely not more than 5 CP)
  • Nomansmall.png Your 'Noman' Quality has gone!