Hand over a multitude of scraps for a Rumourmonger's Network

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From: The Curt Relicker and Montgomery are Moving Quietly Past

All four Relickers will have to collect this pile of junk.

Unlocked with Shadowy 200, 3200 x Certifiable Scrap


Did he just say...

The Curt Relicker barks orders at his colleagues. They glower at him, but heft their shovels and get to work on the scraps. [See table below] The other Relickers look aghast.

Description summary:
The middle passage varies with Ambition: Nemesis.

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NemesisMiddle passage
0–3999"Mr Mirrors will like this pile. Mr Cups. I meant Mr Cups."
4000"Mr Wines will like this pile. Mirrors! I meant Mr Mirrors. No! Cups! Not Mirrors! Cups! Blimey, I can't keep it straight no more!" He begins to sob, wearily.