He's not alone 2

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From: A drink with the Cheery Man

A calm-faced, dark-skinned elderly woman in a walking-dress of antique cut sits across from him. Between them lies a chess set.

Unlocked with The Airs of London 40-59


A close-fought match

[…] "Mate in four," she says. She doesn't even wait for him to concede: she rises, nods to you, turns her back and walks out.

"B___h," he mutters. "B___h!" he howls. He snatches up the chess-set and heaves it into the fire. "And you!" he yells. […]

Description summary:
The Cheery Man is good at chess, but watching the Implacable Detective play is an education. After being told to get out, you share a drink with the Blind Bruiser downstairs, while crashes are heard from above.

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