Helicon House (Storylet)

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The building has been built since the Fall. […] The woodwork has been intentionally scuffed to make it look a few centuries older.


A Clay Man […] keeps the door. He admits Rubbery Men without question, but challenges the human visitors.

Description summary:
The second paragraph varies depending on your railway's charter.

CharterSecond Paragraph
1 (Wealth)There are a couple of well-dressed ladies ahead of you on the stairs, and you overhear a low-voiced disagreement about whether it is polite to wear gloves when shaking hands with a Rubbery person.
2 (Charity)Two or three urchins are sitting on the stairs, but they move aside when you approach.
3 (Scientific Knowledge)A couple of scholars from Benthic are ahead of you on the stairs – not wearing their academic robes at the moment, but the tweed and spectacles are hard to mistake.
4 (Worker Ownership)Ahead of you on the stairs are a couple of members of the Tracklayers' Union. Slightly surprising to see them here, perhaps, but they have a variety of interests, after all.
5 (Expansion of the Church)Two deacons are ahead of you on the stairs, one rather self-consciously holding a stack of pamphlets labelled Witnessing to the Rubbery Man. […] After a desperate and ineffectual glance round for a bin, he balls them up and crams them into his pocket […]
10 (Infernal Alliance)A couple of Devils are indolently ascending the stairs. You are offered a glimpse of leopard-spotted spats.

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Game Instructions: Challenges will primarily be Persuasive and Watchful, with Glasswork and Shapeling Arts elements. There will also be opportunities both to gain and to spend Investigating..., Fascinating..., Casing..., and Inspired...

Unlocked with Acquaintance with Helicon House

Storylet appears in Ealing Gardens


Gain entry as an old friend to the Bohemians
Gain entry as an old friend to the Rubbery Men
Pay in the currency of perishable wealth
Pay in the currency of ideas
Amber green.png
Arrive fashionably late
Amber red.png
Show your Pendant of Helicon Amber at the door