Host the Topsy King in your Sanctum

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From: Ambition: The First Round

He will need to be lucid and assured of safe passage. Stories and songs for the former, your word for the latter.

Unlocked with An Infernally Diplomatic Privilege, 20 x Sworn Statements, 5 x Favours: Criminals, 500 x Maniac's Prayers, 400 x Appalling Secrets, 250 x Tales of Terror!!, Your Opponent exactly 2


Infernal splendours

Tristam Bagley arrives as the bells toll nine.. […] The Topsy King sits opposite you, […] “Would you mind?” he asks. To begin with, he is afraid to even touch [the cards]. He watches, rapt, rapt, as you begin to shuffle.

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Redirects to: Ambition: Against the Topsy King