Incendiary Tastemaker

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The blazing star at the forefront of the avant-garde. The Neath is her sculpture, and together you hammer it into shape.

This item is only available by spending FATE.

This item has no documented sources, but it may have FATE-locked sources.

Effects when equipped in Spouse slot:

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Wiki note: If you have a Notorious Art Dealer, a story accessible from your Lodgings will allow you to obtain this spouse instead.

Associated FATE-locked Content

  • Unlocks a Very Infrequent London Opportunity Card with three options:
Option Requirements Effects
Painting fragment.png +20 CP Inspired...
Painter.png Favours: Bohemians < 7 1 x Favours: Bohemians
Wineglass.png -2–4? CP Nightmares