Inquire after additional 'reports' (Trace of Viric)

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From: The Precocious Engineer

The Engineer gets more from the iguana than your arrangement covers. They will give you more if you can supply them with certain materials.

Game Instructions: This will get you one Emetic Revelation. The cost will vary each week.

Unlocked with The Engineer's Current Need: is Traces of Viric (World Quality, now locked), An Agent of No Consequence, A Report from the Khagan's Palace, 20 x Trace of Viric


"Ah, just what I needed"

The items on the […] workbench look like the contents of someone's odds-and-ends drawer: postcards from the Surface, old pens caked with ink, a rusty sewing kit […] "I am investigating memory," they say cryptically as they examine a chipped teacup […]

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