Investigate the Clay Highwayman: Ask criminal contacts

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From: Who is the Clay Highwayman?

Whatever he steals, he must fence somewhere. And so London's underworld must have heard of him.

Unlocked with Pair of Defenestrating Boots

Wiki note: The title of this option changes depending on your level of On the Trail of the Clay Highwayman.


(see below)

(See below; outcome depends on On the Trail of the Clay Highwayman after increase)
On the Trail of the Clay HighwaymanTitleDescription
1Whispers of a Bandit King[…] the Flit […] The rumours that circulate there will tell you that the Clay Highwayman is a prolific bandit, dealing in everything from stolen souls, to jewels pilfered from tomb-colonists, to newfangled hinterland scrip.
2The Bandit's HideoutLeaning on more local contacts provides better results[…] The Clay Highwayman lives in a cave – not in the sense that we all live in a vast cavern, but in the sense that he hides out in a pothole in the hills. Somewhere far into the hinterland[…]
3Scots? Why Scots?The Clay Highwayman is only ever seen leading one of his raids[…]his followers must act as go-betweens[…] […]a local Dodgy Gondolier has occasional dealings with them: "[…] hanging 'round with boxes of stolen souls an' whatnot.[…]They're all Scottish. Dunno why[…]"
4A Beast of Clay[…] "Oh, 'e's got a 'uge Beast," a Fluvial Punter tells you[…] Six flaming eyes like lanterns, tusks made of iron. Can't hear it coming until it's too close." […] "They say he brought it here from Polythreme, but it's picked up bits and bobs on the way over."
5Legends and LiesIt's all a bit too fanciful. […] his Beast is Clay at heart, but covered in iron. That he once fell in love […] and wandered the Zee to find this lover. That everything he says are lines in one long epic poem […]. That he will die when the poem is finished.