Join the Cats in support of the Shroud

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From: Feline Expeditions into Shadow

Mahogany Hall has long been the heart of a battle between the Glass and the Shroud. Accompany the cats in their business, and see how they battle back the influence of the Fingerkings.

Game Instructions: Success will raise your Shadowy Gains if they are currently 12. This is one of several ways to raise Shadowy Gains; depending on your most recent Parabolan War campaign, you might also approach this tale from another perspective.

Unlocked with Shadowy Gains 12, Base Shadowy 212, 1 x Blackmail Material, 20 x Whisper-Satin Scraps, Parabolan Commander, Parabolan Dominance


Leaving no trail

The cats weave back and forth between London and Parabola […] passing from one side of the mirror to the other again and again. "More difficult for anyone to follow," […]

[…] you […] come out in a séance-room, hung in black crepe. A stronghold of the Shroud […]

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