Join the Citizen's Armada to hunt the Ravenous Lifeberg (The Salt Steppes)

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From: Hunting the Beasts of the Zee

Usually found only in the northern reaches of the zee, this exceptional specimen is currently terrorising The Salt Steppe, and appears to be headed for London.

Game Instructions: As time passes, the Lifeberg will approach London. Rewards for the hunt will vary depending on where you face it.

Unlocked with Remaining Mass of the Ravenous Lifeberg is present (World Quality, now locked), Base Monstrous Anatomy 1, Placeholder World Quality Denoting the Lifeberg's Current Location is exactly 4 (World Quality, now locked) (hidden)


Hungry islands

[…] few things can match the crushing horror of […] the hulls of broken ships jutting from the ice like teeth; their blind and avid hate. […]

You avoid these topics […] focusing on the hefty rewards offered by the Admiralty […] Eventually, they acquiesce.

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Hidden effects

If Zailing on: = Zailing to Sea Zone:


Conclusion: Blast the Ravenous Lifeberg with all you've got

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