Lay claim to any left-behind items

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From: The Upstairs Honey Den

Honey-mazed bohemians tend to forget personal items – even bohemians who have recently been drenched in apocyan waters.

Game Instructions: This will award goods that repay your Casing..., and give a bonus if you have more than the necessary Fitting in at Helicon House. It is the last thing you will be able to do at Helicon House this evening.

Unlocked with Door.png Fitting in at Helicon House 3, Mask.png Casing... 5


A tidy haul

Consider these various purses, supplies, and cast-off diaries as just so many pieces of flotsam, washed up by an ocean. There's not a great deal of left-behind scrip, but that's the trouble with robbing a party of Bohemians.

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