Lay the foundations of a firm friendship with the Diatomist

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From: Seek the Acquaintanceship of a Cloistered Diatomist: the Resolution!

You're looking forward to this.

Challenge information

Narrow, Fascinating... 3 (50% base)

  • 5 - modest (70%)
  • 6 - very modest (80%)
  • 7 - low-risk (90%)
  • 8 and above - straightforward (100%)


Mutual toying

Is the Diatomist […] genuinely as distracted by his hobby as he claims? […] when you do meet, his warmth and enthusiasm is its own reward. It is as if he couldn't conceive of you being anything but entranced by algae, and that belief is contagious.

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Some remaining reservations...

He seems suspicious. Does he think you're after his personal recipe for the glue used on his slides? How wounding!