Fascinating (Guide)

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Fascinating... is used in a number of seductions and ventures and focus on Persuasive. The progress can be interchanged from one seduction or venture to another.


Most of the early storylines require you to gain Fascinating... once in order to start your affair or your fascination, and is followed by a story. Fascinating... can be gained at 3 CP/Action from Seduction Artist/Artist's model, which could also be spent on Venture: Uncover hidden tattoos and Seducing the rising artist/his model to make these more efficient. Neither of these are however particularly profitable, so it's probably better to enjoy them for their story value.

For fascinations in court, there is a big difference: The material reward is gained while you gain progress. This means you can spend the Fascinating... you gain in court to Seduce the Artist/his model, but due to the added action to re-enter court, this isn't that much more efficient.

For Helicon House, you will likely get your Fascinating... from court or similar and just spend it in Helicon House instead, as there aren't many options to gain Fascinating... in Helicon House.


Gaining Fascinating...[edit]

Opportunity Cards and more[edit]

Fascinating... May also be gained with:

Attend to matters of romance[edit]

Unlocked with Persuasive 80 in The Empress' Court, locked with 1 x Memento of Passion.

Option Difficulty Success Failure
Attend to fashion Persuasive 85 +2 Fascinating...
85 x Silk Scrap
+2 Scandal
Take a stroll in the gardens Persuasive 87 +2 Fascinating...
44 x Cryptic Clue
-2 Fascinating...
+1 Scandal
Attend courtly functions Persuasive 89 +2 Fascinating...
90 x Whispered Hint
-4 Fascinating...
Write a letter Persuasive 91 +3 Fascinating...
18 x Stolen Correspondence
+2 Scandal
Attend a dance Persuasive 93 +3 Fascinating...
18 x Stolen Correspondence
-2 Fascinating...
+1 Scandal
Perform artistically Persuasive 95 +3 Fascinating...
4 x Bottle of Morelways 1872
-4 Fascinating...

Writing poetry and novels at court[edit]

Either writing A Gothic Romance or A Tragedy of Romance when carving out a reputation at court provides 50 CP Fascinating... and other rewards for 595 CP Inspired.... This may be a decent source if you're planning to make a reputation at court either way.

Helicon House[edit]

See Helicon House (Guide) for all sources of fascinating there. Of particular note is Flirt with the most interesting person in the room, which gives 6 CP/action, on a hard Persuasive check.

Spending Fascinating...[edit]

Notable Romances at Court[edit]

Part of making your name at Court is to have a romance. This involves raising Fascinating... to 10 six times. When pursuing the Barbed Wit and the Acclaimed Beauty, you will usually have two options - one easy Fascinating... check that reduces your progress with the other person, and one harder that does not. By raising both to 6 you unlock another option. For some of the stages you will not need to pass a challenge, but instead make a choice that will either increase or decrease your progress. Some options cost extra items, and some options will send you straight to a Disgraced exile in the Tomb-Colonies.

Disporting with the servantry at court[edit]

Option Challenge Success Failure

Disporting with the servantry

Flirt with a parlour-maid
(needs Fascinating... 3)

Persuasive 87

+? Hedonist (up to 6)
1 x Confident Smile
-9 Fascinating...

Rare Success:
+? Hedonist
3 x Romantic Notion
-6 Fascinating...

-? Hedonist

Disporting with the servantry

Catch the eye of a butler
(needs Fascinating... 4)

Persuasive 89 +? Hedonist (up to 4)
45 x Cryptic Clue
-2 Scandal
-9 Fascinating...
-1 Hedonist

Disporting with the servantry

Make overtures to a cook
(needs Fascinating... 5)

Persuasive 91 +? Hedonist (up to 6)
-3? Wounds
-15 Fascinating...
-? Hedonist

Helicon House[edit]

210 CP Fascinating... can be spent to Attract a companion for the rest of the evening. This provides 70 E and thereby gives 0,33 E/Fascinating at the cost of an action.