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This page contains details about Fallen London Actions.

For fascinating while in Polythreme, see Polythreme (Guide) instead

Fascinating... is used in a number of seductions and ventures and focus on Persuasive. The progress can be interchanged.


Note: this quality is reset if you dock at (or leave) Polythreme Streets - so make sure to cash it in before you Zail if you have business there.

Gaining Fascinating...[edit]

Opportunity Cards and more[edit]

Fascinating... May also be gained with:

Attend to matters of romance[edit]

Unlocked with Persuasive 80 in The Empress' Court, locked with 1 x Memento of Passion.

Option Difficulty Success Failure
Attend to fashion Persuasive 85 +2 Fascinating...
85 x Silk Scrap
+2 Scandal
Take a stroll in the gardens Persuasive 87 +2 Fascinating...
44 x Cryptic Clue
-2 Fascinating...
+1 Scandal
Attend courtly functions Persuasive 89 +2 Fascinating...
90 x Whispered Hint
-4 Fascinating...
Write a letter Persuasive 91 +3 Fascinating...
18 x Stolen Correspondence
+2 Scandal
Attend a dance Persuasive 93 +3 Fascinating...
18 x Stolen Correspondence
-2 Fascinating...
+1 Scandal
Perform artistically Persuasive 95 +3 Fascinating...
4 x Bottle of Morelways 1872
-4 Fascinating...

Writing poetry at court[edit]

Either writing A Gothic Romance or A Tragedy of Romance when carving out a reputation at court provides 50 CP fascinating and other rewards for 595 CP inspired. This may be a decent source if you're going to make a reputation at court either way.

Helicon House[edit]

See Helicon House (Guide) for all sources of fascinating there. Of particular note is Flirt with the most interesting person in the room, which gives 6 CP/action, on a hard Persuasive check.

Spending Fascinating...[edit]

Disporting with the servantry at court[edit]

Option Challenge Success Failure

Disporting with the servantry

Flirt with a parlour-maid
(needs Fascinating... 3)

Persuasive 87

+? Hedonist (up to 6)
1 x Confident Smile
-9 Fascinating...

Rare Success:
+? Hedonist
3 x Romantic Notion
-6 Fascinating...

-? Hedonist

Disporting with the servantry

Catch the eye of a butler
(needs Fascinating... 4)

Persuasive 89 +? Hedonist (up to 4)
45 x Cryptic Clue
-2 Scandal
-9 Fascinating...
-1 Hedonist

Disporting with the servantry

Make overtures to a cook
(needs Fascinating... 5)

Persuasive 91 +? Hedonist (up to 6)
-3? Wounds
-15 Fascinating...
-? Hedonist

Helicon House[edit]

210 CP Fascinating... can be spent to Attract a companion for the rest of the evening. This provides 70 and thereby gives 0,33 E/Fascinating at the cost of an action.