The Temple Club

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You can't draw cards from this place
Under a ruined temple in the Forgotten Quarter. Plot the fate of the Empire in absolutely neutral ground.

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Unlocked with Membership of the Temple Club - (A reward for backing various FBG Kickstarters), or An Invitation to dinner at the Temple Club

This location has access to the Bazaar.

Kickstarter Rewards[edit]

Kickstarter backers of The Silver Tree and Mask of the Rose game get a story that grants free and permanent access to the Temple Club. Backers may send Invitations to dinner at the Temple Club to other players for a temporary access.

Access Code[edit]

On June 17 2020, an access code was released that grants three of these invitations.


Access Code:

In an unprecedented move, the clandestine and obscure Temple Club has opened its doors to the public. It is a place for free thinkers, radical antiquarians and luminaries of the modern age to gather amidst the ruins of the Fourth City.


The Temple Club is open to you, for a time. They congregate in a burnt temple deep within the Forgotten Quarter. Amongst the cinders they discuss ways that the world may be other than it is now.

[This code will permit you entry to the Temple Club three times. Find it on your Map, near the Forgotten Quarter.]