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The river is endless. But, wait. Is that the reflection of someone you know? Someone living on the Surface?

Card drawn in A boat trip

Occurs with Unknown Frequency


Haunt someone on the Surface
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    When Sent

    The smallest of glances A glimpse of life on the Surface has you hungry for more. You're closer to the living world now.

    • Sidebarwoundssmall.png Wounds is dropping… (-3 CP)

    Your friend will receive: Swamphand.png <player> died in Fallen London and is haunting you. They sound quite perky for all that, though, and expect to be alive again shortly. Perhaps you could visit them. Don't mention this haunting though - it's terribly unfashionable just now.

    Once Accepted

    You will receive:

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    Your friend will receive:


    Twitter/facebook message is: <player> died in Fallen London. Which must be a bother. They sound remarkably perky though <Need name for message menu)