Make the Society of the Three-Fingered Hand support your lies

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From: Your Cabinet Noir: The Back Room

They are everywhere; they are obedient.

Game Instructions: This will start a cover identity with Surface ties and a point of Witnesses.

Unlocked with Cabinet Noir 4, 1 x Society of the Three-Fingered Hand

Locked with Cover Identity: Elaboration


Instructions enciphered

You spend a morning with your copper cipher rings and an afternoon addressing envelopes. [...] you create for your cover identity a childhood lived within the diplomatic service [...] it would be very challenging to argue that they didn't exist.
  • Compasssmall.png You've given your Cover Identity a background on the Surface. (Sets Cover Identity: Ties to 1 - Surface)
  • Masksmall.png You have an alternate name. (Sets Cover Identity: Elaboration to 1 - You have an alternate name)
  • Whispered secretsmall.png You've made sure that your persona has been seen around town a few times. (Sets Cover Identity: Witnesses to 1 - You've made sure that your persona has been seen around town a few times.)