Make your escape (Escape Velocity)

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From: Escape Velocity

The gaoler's keys are in reach, if you can filch them without waking him.

Game Instructions: This is a Shadowy challenge. Shadowy challenges encompass stealth, burglary and your ability to act without detection.

Unlocked with Preparing for a Daring Escape exactly 5

Locked with Manacled (The keys would be in reach... if your hands weren't bound!)

Challenge information

Broad, Shadowy 1

  • 1 - chancy (60%)
  • 2 - straightforward (100%)

The challenge difficulty in-game might be slightly different, but your Shadowy at this stage is at least 5, which makes it impossible to fail here.


Quiet as the grave

You reach […] and […] close your hand around the keys. Without making a sound you […] slip the key into the lock. […]

Quiet as churchmice, you creep out from the cell. […] A dark arch looms ahead; stairs lead further down, to where the dirigibles wait.

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