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Preparing for a Daring EscapeDescription
5Your gaoler is asleep, snoring behind his sackcloth hood. The gaslights are low on the walls, sending eery flickers dancing along the smooth surface of the stalactite. It is time.
6[…] you pass […] row upon row of cells, where grim faces peer out through the bars […] At last you reach […] the […] berth. The light of the False-Stars washes over you as you step out under the […] roof. A dirigible waits […] All that stands between you is a lone gaoler […]

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Unlocked with various redirects from A Moment's Hesitation

Storylet appears in Tutorial Prison


Wriggle out of your manacles
  •  Spoiler 
    Action Cost: 0
    Unlocked with Manacled



    Amateur escapology

    Success Instructions: You now have access to the Possessions tab. On desktop, this is above the story content. On mobile, tap on the head at the bottom of the screen, then 'Possessions' at the top.

    You need to remove your manacles to steal the gaoler's keys. You can find them in your 'Gloves' slot; click or tap on them in order to remove them.

Make your escape
  •  Spoiler 
    Unlocked with Preparing for a Daring Escape exactly 5
    Locked with Manacled (The keys would be in reach... if your hands weren't bound!)


    Challenge information

    Broad, Shadowy 1 || 1 - chancy (60%) || 2 - straightforward (100%)

    The challenge difficulty in-game might be slightly different, but your Shadowy at this stage is at least 5, which makes it impossible to fail here.


    Quiet as the grave

Cudgel solo.png
Knock out the gaoler