Memory of a Shadow in Varchas

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Category: Zee-Treasures (Notable Sources)
E0.01 Moon-Pearl
1 / E0.50 Deep-zee Catch
E0.50 / 1 Royal-Blue Feather
E0.50 / 1 Ambiguous Eolith
5 / E2.50 / 5 Carved Ball of Stygian Ivory
E2.50 Live Specimen
E- Memory of a Shadow in Varchas
125 Oneiric Pearl

Found only when the Eternal Flame fails and the mirrors are broken and the purified light of Varchas no longer reaches every corner.

See here for a list of how to obtain this item, or click here to show them.

It cannot be bought or sold at The Echo Bazaar!.

This item has no documented uses.

See Zee-Treasures Grinding (Guide) for information on grinding this item.