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From: Along the Smoking Shore

If [enemy] are arrayed ahead of you in lines, the only sensible course of action is to bowl them over. Your Company will require convincing of this first, however.

Unlocked with Flag.png Campaign Morale 5

Locked with Drum.png Advance! 24

Wiki note: The description depends on Mirrormonster.png The Enemy in Parabola

Mirrormonster.png The Enemy in Parabola [enemy]
1 the Fingerkings
2 the cats
4 your legion

Challenge information

Broad, Owl.png Watchful Unknown Difficulty Level


Filling the sea


Then there is only the heavy rumble of bombard, the scream of mounts and the black and red smoke of gunfire mingling with the Smoking Sea. You push forward into the breach, forcing the enemy back up the Shore, spilling blood for every step won.

Description summary:
The first paragraph varies with Chesspiece.png Parabolan Cavalry.

Chesspiece.png Parabolan Cavalry First paragraph
0 Your troops charge at the enemy: battle is joined. Your enemy's mournful eyes widen as they comprehend the size of the force you've arrayed against them.
The Company of the Exiled Rose […] Holding the standards of the three Arbors before them (the Arbor that was, the Arbor that was lost and the Arbor that will be), the Exiled Rose thunders into the fray. Their rallying cry of 'Blood for the Roses!' sounds across the Smoking Shore. […]
The Grand Myriad Company The Mihir's Enemy charges down the ranks of the […] Company putting the fear of herself into the troops. Holding aloft their banners of mirrored glass, the Company thunders down the Shore in a tide of armoured radiance. Your enemy's […] eyes widen […]
The Peace of October A chorus of ravens gathers like a stormcloud over the battlefield. Greater and greater the throng grows until in one sweeping motion, they come together to form a colossal figure. October, raven-bodied, marches on Parabola. The Smoking Shore trembles […]

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