Offer her a coat

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From: The Efficient Commissioner's Nightmare

One long enough to restore her dignity.

Game Instructions: This will not lose the Bloodied Travelling-Coat of Mr Cups.

Unlocked with The Bloodied Travelling-Coat of Mr Cups, Dangerous Gains exactly 6, Base Dangerous 206


Heavily wrapped

[…]frost of the coat protects her from the heat[…] courage that comes into her when she wears it[…]"This belonged to a Master[…]If any human in London knows what happened to Mr Cups, it might be the Commissioner[…]coat billows and she is reassured.

Description summary:
You lent her the coat for a while. Its powers and the courage from the ordeals that you went through to get it strengthened her will, and her nightmare is stilled. She does realize that it is a Master's cloak, and being an employee of the Bazaar, she is reminded of what happened to Mr. Cups. Before she can realize that you are the culprit, she forgets.

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