Offer your Forty-Nine-Voiced Warbler

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From: De Gustibus in Whitsun

What would being cooked do to the Warbler's various occupants? Will they return to the Is-Not?

Game Instructions: This will cause Wounds, Scandal, and Nightmares. It may have other costs in your relationship with Society or with the Fingerkings. This will only be to your advantage if you value Making Waves above those considerations.

Unlocked with 1 x Forty-Nine-Voiced Warbler, Access to a Parabolan Base-Camp 1


A windowless room





[…] fire in the kitchen […] spontaneous departure of all […] serving staff[…]

[…] no one volunteers to eat first[…]

Finally, the boldest […] takes a bite.[…] His tongue is gone[…]

[…] insalubrious place for you. Several Club members suppose you have intentionally trapped them[…]

Description summary:
You bring the possessed Warbler to the Club and instruct the staff to prepare it without any reflective surfaces whatsoever. The bird is shown to the patrons and compliments them all. Most preen, but one panics and attempts to silence it before being led away to another room. The Warbler is taken to the kitchen, and more mishaps occur, but the diners are determined to stick around and assure one another that everything's fine. When dinner is served, despite the nice presentation, nobody wants to be the first to eat. After some goading from the Procurer-General and excuses from the diners, one brave soul tries the dish. His tongue is transported to the Is-Not. The diners are infuriated; the ones who aren't considering beating you up are too busy screaming. One of them even brings a mirror, ignoring your warnings not to do so. The mirror's reflection is full of dream-snakes, likely attracted to the demise of their kin. You depart.

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