One Last Voyage? (9 FATE)

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From: The Windward Tower: the Matter of the Decommissioned Steamer

Action Cost: 10

There is no way a single Whirring Contraption could restore this salt-caked hulk to life. Absolutely not. Impossible. Then why do you find yourself drawn to the cavernous ruins of its engine? What is this scheme?

Unlocked with A Person of Some Importance - is: A Significant Individual, A Connoisseur of Neathy Delights 5, Zeefaring 2, 1 x Strong-Backed Labour, 1 x Whirring Contraption, Watchful 150, 1 x Deed to a Decommissioned Steamer

Cost: 9 FATE


No reward narrative information available for Fate-locked actions.