Paint a flattering and subversive portrait

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From: Commission: A Royal Portrait: The Resolution

You are gripped by artistic integrity! You can paint something that looks like the usual sycophantic tosh, but you aim to encode your own message within it.

Unlocked with Inspired... 5

Challenge information

Narrow, Inspired... 9

  • 5 - high-risk (20%)
  • 6 - high-risk (30%)
  • 7 - tough (40%)
  • 8 - very chancy (50%)
  • 9 - chancy (60%)
  • 10 - modest (70%)
  • 11 - very modest (80%)
  • 12 - low-risk (90%)
  • 13 and above - straightforward (100%)


An artistic triumph!

You have excelled yourself. […] No one notices, of course, but you are sure that someday, your message will be seen. In the meantime, enjoy your payment, and the gossip you have picked up along the way. Those nursery-maids see and hear an awful lot.

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No, no, no. That will not do at all.

[…] You insist that they are simply guardian bats, and that you can tone them down, but he is having none of it. You and your canvas are escorted to the gates, and everyone sees it happen.

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