Plate of Scandalously Buttered Scones

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Your Aunt spent the bulk of her better years perfecting the recipe. She kept it close, but accidentally revealed it – along with an array of shocking family secrets – during a memorable and sherry-soaked visit to your lodgings. She regretted it immediately, making you swear you would always apply the jam before the cream, as God intended.

This item is only available during certain times of the year. For details, see Advent Calendar.

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Effects when equipped in Weapon slot:

This item has no other documented uses.

Wiki note: In addition to the Advent Calendar, this item was available via an access code posted on the Fallen London subreddit for the 5th anniversary of Failbetter's Reddit account. The text for getting this was:


Access Code:
Wiki note: This Access code has been retired, and can no longer be used.
Your Aunt has let something slip.


A cherished recipe for scones! Now you know her secrets, it'll be scones for breakfast, dinner and tea. Everyone loves a scone.

[Hello, delicious Redditor. Thank you for being a part of the Fallen London community. Here, some scones to celebrate our Cake Day! And some coffee to wash them down (don't tell your Aunt, she'd only insist on tea).]

  • Teasmall.png You've gained 2 x Darkdrop Coffee
  • You now have 1 x Plate of Scandalously-Buttered Scones