Prepare the ground

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From: Hunting Dangerous Prey

Set traps, perhaps? Construct a hide in a hedge or a rain barrel? One cannot be too prepared with these beasts.

Unlocked with The Airs of London 51-100

Challenge information

Broad, Dangerous 92

  • 63 - very chancy (41%)
  • 79 - chancy (51%)
  • 94 - modest (61%)
  • 109 - very modest (71%)
  • 125 - low-risk (81%)
  • 140 - straightforward (91%)
  • 154 - straightforward (100%)


And all in its place

The stakes are set, the snares are laid and the leg-traps are primed. All manner of unfriendly objects are hidden about the place. Let us hope your victim appreciates all this effort.


The wrong sort of catch

Apparently one can be too prepared, or at least one can forget where one's stake pits are located. The stakes will be replaced once they are removed from your leg.