Hunting Dangerous Prey

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You have agreed to hunt dangerous creatures for Mr Inch. You will need to prepare.

Game Instructions: Increase your The Hunt is On! to 5 to begin unlocking options. You may have to travel to different areas in London to find your prey.

As your The Hunt is On! quality rises, you may attempt to hunt more difficult quarries.

Unlocked with Acquiring Exhibits for the Labyrinth of Tigers 1

Storylet appears in Wolfstack Docks

Chasing a prey:

Option Airs Difficulty Success Failure
Stalk your prey subtly 1-33 94
+3 THIO!
+1 Subtle (up to 5)
+1 Wounds
Speak with other hunters 1-50 86 +2 THIO! (Rare: +3) +2 Wounds
Go for the throat! 26-75 96
+3 THIO!
-1 Subtle
+1 Forceful (up to 5)
-1 THIO!
+1 Wounds
Prepare your equipment 34-66 90 +2 THIO!
-1 THIO!
+1 Wounds
Prepare the ground 51-100 92 +3 THIO! +2 Wounds
Observe your prey 67-100 88 +2 THIO! +1 Wounds

Conversations with Mr Inch:

Where can the Notable Beasts be Found?
Mr Inch Proposes an Exchange of Favours ( Acquiring Exhibits exactly 1)
Mr Inch Holds up his End of the Deal ( Acquiring Exhibits exactly 4)