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From: The Reformer of Reputations

What does he mean by 'a terrible metamorphosis'?

Unlocked with Acquaintance: The Reformer of Reputations exactly 3


Bodily transformation

"The Neath does not easily admit death […] But neither does it permit eternal, unchanging life. Not without a vast and terrible cost […]

There is a creaking motion that might be taken for a shrug. "[…] I believe that all this […] will help me remain myself."

Description summary:
The last sentence listed in the first paragraph is followed by one that changes if you have a Firkin of Hesperidean Cider.

Do you have Cider?Sentence
NoAs he handles the envelopes, you note that his hands are very delicate.
YesHe raises his eyes to give you a meaningful look; perhaps he knows even more than he lets on.

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