Preternaturally Intent

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You are calm and focused to an inhuman degree. This will be gone in an hour or less.

See Category:Preternaturally Intent Gain for how to obtain this item, or click here to show them.

It cannot be bought or sold at the Bazaar.

Effects when equipped in Hat slot:

  • Watchful +30 (Strict Best-in-Slot item)

This item has no other recorded uses.

High Watchful challenges

Note: These are the challenges with a broad difficulty level of 177-360. Coincidentally, these are the challenges on which even a capped and fully equipped character (with a total Watchful of 280) would still feel at least a 5% benefit from being in the appropriate Mood.

Action Level Location Requires Provides
Enigmasmall.png Manufacture Searing Enigmas 200

The Other Thing in the Other Chapel

Connected: Benthic 10; 25 x Uncanny Incunabulum

Extra Searing Engimas. (The higher the Watchful, the more Enigmas.)


A silent inclination of the skull

Your move...



Play chess with the Boatman on a slow boat... Being dead.

Once you are a Myrmidon, some truly Extraordinary Implications.

Watersmall.png Look into the water 0 250 Old Sins card in the Cave of the Nadir Not Seeking An Extraordinary Implication; lore.
Violantsmall.png Become a Correspondent 300 An Unsigned Message - a very infrequent card Being an Author, SotC 10, Notability 5. Becoming a Correspondent


Ask the Goat's opinion

Use the Goat's... unique talents



All fear the Overgoat! card Caprine Authority

An Aeolian Scream.

A Storm-Threnody and a Bazaar Permit.


An inscribed diamond 200

A Shrine of the Deep Blue Heaven (sometimes)

Success in your Expedition - and luck in uncovering your Unpredictable Treasures.

A diamond; a snippet of lore.
Ratofglorysmall.png Obtain between one and seven Searing Enigmas 250 Light your Rat of Glory A Rat of Glory As promised, Searing Enigmas. Or the loss of most of your candles.
Hallowmasssmall.png Feeding the River 200 Hallowmas Putting the Pieces Together: the Drownies An Extraordinary Implication about the Drownies.

Highest challenges:

Note: The difficulty level of these challenges is too high for a mood to significantly alter your chances of success.