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Your profile is a little public facing snapshot of your character containing a handful of various details. It can be found by clicking View Profile under your myself tab, or by navigating to the url:<character name>, replacing <character name> with the profile you want to view.

Anatomy of a profile[edit]

Your profile will look a bit like the one below. An example profile


The banner itself is a reflection of your current location, and upon it will be your name, the current description of your 4 main qualities, and your gender. Your name can be changed on the myself tab for 15 FATE. Changing your character's gender can currently only be done by sending an email to FBG.

Left Column[edit]


This is your currently selected profile image. This can be changed in the myself tab for 30 FATE.


This is your current in game lodgings. This can be changed by acquiring new lodgings and moving there.

Current Equipment[edit]

The Cameo and Lodgings is the equipment you have currently equipped. This will change when you alter your outfit, either by changing to a new one, or by changing out what is in your current one.

Personal Description[edit]

Beneath your equipment, you have 150 characters to give yourself a personal description. You can edit this by clicking the little pencil icon upon it. The top of the blurb will always say "They say..." and your description will be in quotation marks.

Right Column[edit]


In your Mantlepiece you may display one stack of items that you own, so you may wish to choose something rare or unique. To change this, you click on the mantelpiece item in the Myself tab.


In your Scrapbook you may display one quality that you have obtained, so you may wish to choose something rare or unique. To change this, you click on the scrapbook quality in the Myself tab.


When you echo something to your journal from a storylet by clicking the pencil button in the top right of the storylet description, this is where you echo things to. You browse past actions that you have taken, or link actions to other players from here.