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A record annotating how Cards, Storylets, Actions, etc make use of character attributes.


  • Use: The attribute being used. Usually a Quality or Item.
  • Use type: Optional. Describes how an attribute is used, e.g. "Unlock" when used as an unlock condition, or "Math" when used as part of a formula.
  • Use value: Optional. Describes the value the attribute has in this condition. It can be arbitrary text, for example a numerical value, a range, or a formula.
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Proscribed Material (Unlock, exactly 77 x)  +
Crooked-Cross (Unlock, 1)  +
The Swan Bride (Unlock, exactly 300)  +
Midnighter (Unlock, 1)  +
An Explorer of the Unterzee - (Unlock, is: The Captain)  +, Zee-Ztory (Unlock, 25 x)  +, Puzzling Map (Unlock, 1 x)  +
Whispered Hint (Unlock, 200 x)  +, Successful Terms as Governor - (Unlock, 1)  +