Purchase Chthonic Scrip at (dig site)

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Ministry auditors are selling shares of any treasure recovered beneath – as long as that treasure is not of interest to the Bazaar. […] the process of purchasing a share has quickly devolved into an opportunity for rampant corruption.

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Game Instructions: Every purchase of Chthonic Scrip will contribute to uncovering what's beneath this dig site. Doing this for the first time will cost glim; subsequently, it will cost Fate.

Unlocked with various redirects during Mr Chimes' Grand Clearing-Out.


Make an initial investment
Visit the Pavilion of Subterranean Delights
Visit the Marquee of Mystification
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Make a further small investment (10 FATE)
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Make a moderate investment (50 FATE)
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Obtain a large quantity of scrip (120 FATE)