Putting the Pieces Together: the Taste of Lacre

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That taste has something of ammonia about it. But not only ammonia. At 3 or higher, this will give access to Penstock's Wicket at certain times of year.

Lacre sometimes falls at Christmas.

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Level & Level Change Descriptions[edit]

1: Neath-snow – or is it 'lacre'?
2: Lacre can poison, intoxicate or even transform... OR Neath-snow – which some call 'lacre' – can poison, intoxicate or even transform...
3: Why does the lacre accumulate at Christmas?
4: Why has there been so much lacre recently?
5: Is lacre touched by the Correspondence?
6: What draws the lacre up from its reservoirs?
7: Lacre. Is it what happens when the Bazaar weeps?
8: Lacre. What memories are inscribed in its frozen core?
9: Lacre. What longing does it embody? What urge to alteration?
10: What fills the lacrimal founts?
11: What stirs the lacred waters?
12: What walks in crimson guise?
13: What is fashioned with lacre?
14: What use have the Masters for lacre? ...is it the Masters themselves?
15: Where are past years? under the ground?
16: What would it mean, to drown in lacre? Who would hold you beneath its surface? 
17: 'Sunt lacrimae rerum et astra mortalia tangunt.' A hopeful incantation in a buried temple.
18: Dreams are such stuff as this is made on.
19: Cities can be drowned in dreams.
20: Stone-Pigs cannot be drowned in lacre. They only slumber.
21: There is a sunless sea. What other seas remain below?
22: There is always one who keeps the wicket-gate.
23: Why does the Bazaar reshape London? Where do the channels flow?
24+: At the loneliest of seasons, the lacre overflows.