Rat of Glory

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Category: Ratness (Notable Sources)
E0.01 Rat on a String
E0.50 Venge-Rat Corpse
E2.50 Baptised Rattus
Faber Corpse
E12.50 Ratty Reliquary
E Rat of Glory

The rare and coveted Rat of Glory! Fabricated from an L.B. master-thief, wick'd with puzzle-damask, tinted with the inks of the undernight. The Scuttering Company has been known to place its cunningest agents into a death-like sleep and disguise them as Rats of Glory, to smuggle them into candle-collections. This item may come awake at any time, in which case any candles or Luminosity items you possess are at risk. You may eliminate this risk by ridding yourself of it.

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Light your Rat of Glory

Risky. It requires real skill to use. And there's always the possibility it might wake up and go for you.

Game Instructions: There is a small but real chance the Rat of Glory will activate, stealing candles and inflicting damage, if you hang on to it too long.


Obtain between one and seven Searing Enigmas
Turn your Rat in to the Scuttering Company
Offer your Rat of Glory to someone else
  •  Spoiler 
    Unlocked with 7 x A Name in Seven Secret Alphabets
    Your friend needs 0 x Rat of Glory


    When Sent

    Fold the wrappings over Its accusing snout disappears.

    Your friend will receive: Envelopesmall.png [Player] has offered you a Rat of Glory. Note: the Scuttering Company have been known to disguise agents as Rats of Glory to facilitate their theft of candles.

    Once Accepted

    You will receive:

    [Friend] has accepted your Rat of Glory.

    Your friend will receive:

    Envelopesmall.png [Player] has sent you a Rat of Glory. Touch its tallowy fur in trembling awe.