Re-establish your academic reputation

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From: Organise your Research

The business at the University was regrettable. And you're the one that ended up doing most of the regretting. No more. If you publish enough of this brilliant work, they'll beg to have you back.

Unlocked with Unwelcome at the University -, 500 x Page of Cryptopalaeontological Notes, 500 x Page of Prelapsarian Archaeological Notes, 500 x Page of Theosophistical Notes


Back in black

Well, she hardly came on bended knee, but the Principal of Benthic College wrote you a polite little note. It informed you that your time in the wilderness was over […]

There was no actual offer of employment. But that will come in time […]

Description summary:
You're back in. With less fanfare than you were hoping for, but never mind. You've also earned the right to be addressed as "Professor."

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