Scandal and intrigue!

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This content is only available during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose!

For feast history, see Feast of the Exceptional Rose (historical).

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What better time to attend to such matters than the Feast of the Exceptional Rose? Do you have your eye on a certain someone, or merely on their secrets?

Unlocked with a redirect from Scandal and intrigue!



Send a romantic note to one you admire

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    Unlocked with Fascinating... 1


    When Sent

    All you can do now is wait Your little note is on its way. Now all you can do is wait, and dream...

    Your friend will receive: Foliagesmall.png [Your name] desires the pleasure of your company this Feast. The Forgotten Quarter is so beautiful at this time of year, covered in snow that gleams in the moonish night...

    Once Accepted

    You will receive:

    [Friend's name] has accepted your invitation to a scandalous tryst! How delightful...

    Your friend will receive:

    Envelopesmall.png You have accepted [your name]'s invitation to a romantic tryst. How delicious...


Take the opportunity to find out some secrets

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    Challenge information

    Broad, Watchful 50 || 35 - very chancy (42%) || 43 - chancy (51%) || 51 - modest (61%) || 60 - very modest (72%) || 68 - low-risk (81%) || 76 - straightforward (91%) || 84 - straightforward (100%)


    Palatable secrets


    A thin return