Send an Unfinished Man to Mahogany Hall

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From: Escape from Underclay

The music-hall always has need of staff, and occasionally, performers. All society, high and low mix at Mahogany; the Unfinished Man will need to be well-acclimatised to London to make a success of it.

Game Instructions: You will receive a Captivating Ballad and Shards of Glim equal to your remaining Convincing Falsehoods.

Unlocked with Convincing Falsehoods 600


Curtain up


Later, you receive a briefcase filled with glim. A note attached reads 'FROM THE SOCIETY OF THE LIBERATED MEN.'

Description summary:
The first paragraph varies depending on which Clay Man you assist.

Assisting an Unfinished ManFirst Paragraph
STUDIOUSThe Studious Clay Woman's eyes are glazed as she surveys the Hall. "I WILL KNOW ALL OF THE LIBRETTOS," she says. "I WILL STUDY THE PERFORMANCES OF STAGE-MASTERS PAST. I WILL TREAD THE BOARDS." […] sends you her first work […] titled 'New Polythreme'. […]
RECALCITRANTThe Recalcitrant Clay Man makes no attempt to hide his indifference. "THE CARPET IS SOFT. MY FEET SHALL WEAR IT THIN." He leaves you without another word. […] sends you a copy of his first libretto, […] its tone elegiac and is titled simple 'RISING.' […]
MUTINOUSThe Mutinous Clay Man's eyes are bright as he enters the Hall. "I SHALL ACHIEVE THINGS HERE." He gives only one performance […] You receive the only copy of his music that isn't destroyed by the Ministry. It is titled 'TO OUR FRIENDS IN THE GLASS'.

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