Send an Unfinished Man to Spite

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From: Escape from Underclay

They will be able to blend in with the clay throngs amidst the crowded tenements.

Game Instructions: You will receive three Strong-Backed Labour and Shards of Glim equal to your remaining Convincing Falsehoods.

Unlocked with Convincing Falsehoods 50


New beginnings

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You are paid in glim from an undisclosed location. It seems someone else is looking out for the Clay Men of Underclay.

Description summary:
The description varies based on your Assisting an Unfinished Man:

Assisting an Unfinished ManDescription
Recalcitrant Clay ManThe Recalcitrant Clay Men surveys the smoky stacks of Spite with habitual indifference. "I SHALL LABOUR TO FIND SOMEWHERE BETTER," he says. "IF YOU REQUIRE ME, I SHALL HELP YOU. THREE TIMES. THAT SEEMS SUFFICIENT TO YOUR EFFORTS." […]
Studious Clay WomanThe Studious Clay Woman is wary as she surveys her new surroundings. "DO NOT ANSWER THE DOOR," she says to herself. "DO NOT ACCEPT NUISANCE CALLERS." It is a litany she repeats to herself […] "CALL ON ME SHOULD YOU REQUIRE HELP."
Mutinous Clay ManThe Mutinous Clay Man surveys spite with an undisguised fury. "IT IS A BEGINNING," he says. "OR AN ENDING." He turns back to you. "LOOK FOR ME IF YOU HAVE WORK THAT WOULD BRING ABOUT CHANGE."

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