Send an Unfinished Man to the Duchess

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From: Escape from Underclay

She has the highest of standards, but has been known to patronise Clay causes in the past.

Game Instructions: You will receive a Cave-Aged Code of Honour and Shards of Glim equal to your remaining Stone Confessions.

Unlocked with Stone Confessions 100


New horizons

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Description summary:
The description varies with your Assisting an Unfinished Man quality.

Assisting an Unfinished ManFirst paragraph
RECALCITRANTThe Recalcitrant Clay Man is a huge success with the Duchess. He does not seek to ingratiate himself with her […] this immediately places him in the upper echelons of the Duchess' acquaintances. She sends you a few of her old writings, as thanks […]
STUDIOUSThe Studious Clay Woman […] returns […] laden down with books happily borrowed from her new employer. "SHE SAID THERE ARE GAPS IN MY KNOWLEDGE THAT MUST BE RECTIFIED," […] "SHE HAS SO VERY MANY RULES." You are given to understand that this is a good thing.
MUTINOUSThe Mutinous Clay Man returns from the Duchess' employ with a dazed expression. "SHE IS NOT WHAT I THOUGHT. THERE ARE MORE FRONTS ON WHICH WE CAN FIGHT THAN I HAD KNOWN."

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