Send an Unfinished Man to the Tomb-Colonies

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From: Escape from Underclay

They are always in need of workers, and the Tomb-Colonists rarely ask questions of their labourers.

Game Instructions: You will receive three Unearthly Fossils and Shards of Glim equal to your remaining Stone Confessions.

Unlocked with Stone Confessions 50


New beginnings

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Description summary:
The description varies based on your Assisting an Unfinished Man:

Assisting an Unfinished ManDescription
Studious Clay WomanThe Studious Clay Woman waves as she boards the tramp-steamer to Venderbight. "THERE IS MUCH TO BE LEARNED IN FORGOTTEN PLACES," she calls. Later she sends you some samples from her own forays into local archaeology.
Recalcitrant Clay ManThe Recalcitrant Clay Man regards the tomb-colonies with an almost cheerful indifference. As they do him the same, it is a happy union. He later sends you a few oddities he's found in his work, which may or may not signify thanks.
Mutinous Clay ManThe Mutinous Clay Man does not object to his new home. "THERE ARE THOSE I WOULD FIND. I WILL BIDE MY TIME. I WILL GAIN PASSAGE TO THE OLDER COLONIES. I WILL SEE THE COPPER ONCE MORE." He hands you a few of his trinkets. "I WILL NOT NEED THEM AGAIN."

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