Send the Unfinished Man to teach Second City History

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From: Escape from Underclay

A forbidden subject. But Benthic is willing to risk the forbidden in exchange for brilliance.

Game Instructions: You will receive a Searing Enigma and Shards of Glim equal to your Stone Confessions and Convincing Falsehoods.

Unlocked with Stone Confessions 300, Convincing Falsehoods 300


The pinnacle of academia


You soon receive a visit from an elderly Clay Woman, in a bonnet and a shawl. She presents you with a box, laden with glim. It is, she says, a gift from the League of Liberated Men.

Description summary:
The first paragraph varies with your Assisting an Unfinished Man quality.

Assisting an Unfinished ManFirst paragraph
RECALCITRANTThe Recalcitrant Clay Man […] goes down a storm in select circles. He openly says that which has only been whispered and teaches that which, previously, had only been speculated. […] When asked about his fame he merely says: "THIS WILL DO. FOR NOW."
STUDIOUSThe Studious Clay Woman […] acquires a reputation approaching legendary. Her class is held […] in the small hours of the morning […] They say she's on the run from the Masters […] they say they've never seen anyone look so happy to be in front of a classroom.
MUTINOUS[…] what a semester. Benthic's teaching charter is threatened with removal[…] attendance is through the roof[…] his absence is explained by[…] rumours: that he now dwells in a palace of mirrors, that the Duchess keeps him[…], that Mr Spices is grinding him into salt[…]

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